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2021-09-21 19:34:56

Karibiens Lierade Riggar

Founded by Svartschegg on EU PVP 3.

Our philosophy is simple; we play because it's fun. Our members like helping eachother as a team and have a variety of specialties, ranging from crafting and trading to PVP.

We impose very few restrictions on our members; we ask that you respect established diplomacy and that you not be a jerk to other players.

If you are interested in joining,
contact Svartschegg or SirVonBiginch.

Clan information

  • KLR's Discord server
    Voice and chat. Many strategic discussions take place here because it is visible to everyone in the clan and not just the people who are online at the moment.
  • Diplomatic liaisons
    A non-exhaustive list of representative from various clans and nations.